Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well folks, the big 10 that have viewed my blog so far, I do have a lighter side. Sports is a passion, football come natural as far as stats. So I have added a few thing to the site. There's an ESPN tracker at the bottom of the blog. I hope this will come in handy for all you sports nuts like me out there.
Like I said, I love football, so here's some stories that are out there today.

1.) Brett Favre: I actually don't feel bad for Brett, I do however, feel bad for the Packers. I don't think they understand what they've done, they traded away the best QB (arguably) ever to step on to a field. But worse who do they replace him with...... A 5 year back-up that was drafted when Brett was first going to retire. This kid doesn't know what he's getting into. Those Packer fans will chew him up and spit him out the moment he makes a mistake that is un-Brett-like. Personally, if i were a collage QB, I would go near Green Bay for ten years, because Green Bay 'll be red with the blood of all the QB s to come that aren't number 4.
But Brett's fine, except for some "emotional" scares, he's fine. And he can patch his scares with the millions of dollars the new Jet savior's making. Brett will have a OK year, then he can retire, or come back and make even more money. 'cause the fact is, Brett's Brett, Green and Yellow or Green and White it makes no difference, he's number 4. He will always be number 4, and he will always be Brett.

2.) Dolphin Turn Around: The Miami Dolphins are now supposed to be on a turn around this year because Super-Jerk Bill Parcels is down there. If you ask me this is all a scam. For one, the average W/L for the 'fins are 3/14 . If you ask me that's no turn around, that's just actually giving a crap about your team and not getting totally trapped on by your opponents. two, Super-Jerk traded away the most committed, hardest working team member Jason Taylor. All this because Jason went on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Not to help situations at all, there had always been bad blood between Jason and Parcels.
But in better news, they have started a collection..... A collection of washed up has-been QBs. The most recent addition being former starter turned frantic-job-searching free agent, Chad Pennington. Not only is he way past his prime, I don't think he can fit into the Miami area. He's lived in freaking New York for eight years for God's sake. But like in the matter of Taylor, Pennington had previously relations with Bill, but these were good relations. So Chad will Now be Babied and probably get whatever he wants from Daddy Bill.
So in a nutshell, Miami ain't going no were.

3.) So this isn't a big story, but Byron Leftwitch recently got a back-up job in Pit. because Charlie Batch got hurt. This brings up something, how can you come from such a high spot and fall so far.In case you weren't aware, Byron was a starter out of Jacksonville in the beginning of his "Canton" career. Unfortunately for him, and all those who had him on there fantasy teams, Byron fell into a really bad slump and eventually got traded to the Falcons after Vick was in jail. (A whole other story) But he was released from there to after only 4 games.
But Leftwitch was even assured of his back-up spot in Pittsburgh, he had to beat out the former Minnesota star Daunte Culpepper.
Now Culpepper got into his now jobless position because of a long line of injuries in Minnesota. He was soon traded to the Dolphins who then sent him to the Raiders after one season were he was again struck be injuries. Oakland was no different story, only it ends with him being released, not traded. So the free agent was offered to play for Green Bay when Brett Favre was still retired. Shockingly to me, he turned it down and that's how he ended up battling for a lousy back-up spot in the 'burgh.
In the NFL it doesn't take much for you to be injured or fall into a slump. And in some cities, thats all it takes for you to get the boot and go into a nosedive. In some cases i feel sorry for them, they put their heart in their the and just like that they're scrapped. But football is as much a business as it is a sport and one someone isn't going to get you the the Super bowl, adjustments must be made.
This Can also be a lesson for all up-and-coming QBs out there, you can build up your career, but one misstep, and it's all gone. It's all gone.

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